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Premier Development Studio in Vancouver: Crafting Digital Excellence

At The Code Giant, we merge innovative design with cutting-edge technology. Our team is dedicated to creating exceptional digital experiences, blending creativity with technical expertise in every project.

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Harnessing technology for a brighter future

At The Code Giant, we embrace technology as a powerful tool for solving complex global challenges. We recognize its dual nature as both a solution and a contributor to these challenges, guiding our approach to thoughtful, responsible innovation.


Case study

Caring Connections: Cuddly Nanny Matching Platform

Cuddly is a compassionate platform designed to facilitate seamless connections between families and qualified nannies. With features allowing families to browse nanny profiles, schedule appointments, make payments, and nannies to review and accept requests, Cuddly streamlines the process of finding the perfect caregiver for children, fostering trust and reliability in childcare arrangements.


Case study

Revolutionizing Recruitment in the Beauty Salon Industry

EnlightenedHire is a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing recruitment in the beauty salon industry. It connects salon owners with skilled beauty professionals, facilitating seamless matches based on compatibility and shared values.


Case study

Redefining NFT Experience: MadMouseCircus on the Ethereum Blockchain

MadMouseCircus is a pioneering NFT project that is reshaping the NFT experience on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers a dynamic platform where users can mint, buy, and sell NFTs, fostering a vibrant community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Ali and his team have gone above and beyond to make our software a success! We have a very complicated system that required diligence and expertise. The Code Giant delivered an excellent product, highly recommend!

Susan Wos

Services - Innovative Web and App Development Services in Vancouver

At The Code Giant, we specialize in transforming your digital ideas into reality. Our expertise in blockchain, WordPress, and e-commerce development ensures state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your business needs.

  • Web Development. Specializing in creating stunning and efficient websites using modern technologies like React and Node.js, we deliver top-tier web development services tailored to your brand's needs.
  • Application Development. Our team excels in developing innovative applications with cutting-edge frameworks, ensuring your app is both user-friendly and technologically advanced.
  • E-commerce Solutions. Leading in e-commerce development, we create customized, scalable online stores using platforms like Shopify, tailored to elevate your online retail presence.
  • Custom Content Management. We offer bespoke content management system solutions, ensuring seamless content handling and a dynamic user experience for your website.

What You Get From - Meet your new team members minus the Recruiting, HR, Operations, and Admin work.

Scalable Workforce
Add a new team member to your projects whenever you need more hands. We make sure the additional designer or developer will be briefed on your brand and work preferences upfront.
Fully-Managed Team
With more team members, there come more responsibilities that can make your working day more complex. We take care of replacing staff dropouts, skill training, team happiness, and health benefits.
Dedicated Project Manager
To move projects to completion faster, you will need a person who knows your business and project requirements. Your PM briefs the talent and delivers the work.
Flexible Skill-Matching
Your projects and your needs for specific skills will change, but it takes too long to hire or train your in-house team members if you need to get things done fast.
No Learning Curve
We want to make delegating work feel as natural as possible to you. That's why we manage all your tasks and projects within Asana and don't let you learn a new platform.
Quick Communication
Send feedback or questions via text messages or screen-recording videos in a few minutes, so you don't get stuck writing essay-long briefings.

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