01 Introduction

This web3 website developed by us ( thecodegiant ) and finally successfully delivered and now is up and running for the public. Degen dogs is a collection of 5555 Non fungible tokens (NFTs) that are designed to be used as a collectible and collectible token. They lunched their presale on Jan 6 2022 and are currently available for purchase on the https://degendogs.io.

  • Nextjs
  • Hardhat,chai, waffle
  • Ethersjs
  • Solidity programming language

02 Description

We have developed both Front-end and the smart contract of this project(full stack development). For smart contract development we used Solidity programing language and deployed and verified it on the ethereum mainnet. For the front-end integration with Blockchain we used ethers.js library with Nextjs (Modern JavaScript Framework on top of Reactjs). You can see the website live which is designed in a very nice and fantasy view and looks awesome.